Freeing Myself From Fear

I was shaking. Sitting on the edge of this concrete ledge my body felt tight and stiff with anxiety. We were about two stories up which isn’t that high I suppose but still, every second up there felt like an eternity. I tried to calm myself because I didn’t want to let the fear show on my face.

After about a minute it was over. I had to come down. I didn’t care whether we got the shot or not. Then I looked at the camera to see the results. ‘Wow,’ I exhaled in relief, pleased to see what we’d captured.

Fear is a Yield Sign, Not a Stop Sign

Fear is an evolutionary necessity. Fear helps us gauge situations and assess the danger level. It helps us to understand when something is safe and secure and when it would be wise for us to take heed.

Sometimes though, these same feelings that we use to protect us can hold us back. Fear can be irrational or manifest itself into self-doubt, holding us back from enriching opportunities for growth.

Lately, that’s the kind of fear I’ve been experiencing. A sometimes crippling feeling that if I go out on a limb and follow my heart, that limb might break and leave me grasping at straws.

I’ve been trying to work on quieting those voices. To live by faith and not by fear. To believe in my abilities and my potential for success.

Overcoming fear isn’t something you do today and don’t have to worry about tomorrow. It’s continuous. It’s something that you work on because the unknown isn’t always something to fear. A calculated risk entered into with planning, support, and confidence could be your first step to something great.



Jacket by Stussy
Sports Bra by Calvin Klein
Overalls by BDG Denim available at Urban Outfitters
Sneakers by Nike


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