Free and Wild in Moschino

Are you ready for some life inspiration to go along with this requisite fashion inspiration I’m about to slay you with? Keep reading, I have some honest and wise words for you…

Yesterday I received a token of sound advice from the last person I would expect to. Yes, a former boy band member dropped some knowledge on life and it was so poignant to where I am in my journey right now that I felt like I should share it with you guys for anyone else dealing with similar growing pains.

During the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (don’t judge, LOL) there was a scene where Omarion, the ex-lead singer from 2000’s R&B group B2K, and his girlfriend Apryl were having a conversation that started getting a bit tense. They had just left a radio show where they were discussing Omarion’s recent rise in music and the host mentioned how he knew Apryl was a musician as well and asked when he could expect to hear new music from her. Clearly this stirred up some emotions for her as she was now expressing her fears to Omarion about how she was tired of waiting for her moment to come and scared it might be passing her by. From the look of it Apryl is a bit passive in her journey right now which I don’t consider myself to be, but like her, I am in a place where I’m feeling restless and ready to find artistic success. I feel like I’m the embodiment of Britney Spear’s “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”.

In response to Apryl’s concern’s Omarion sternly says to her: “Sharpen up and wait for your moment“. On it’s own it might seem a little callous but when you take into account his own road to success it gains more weight. After B2K split around 2004 he pursued a solo career with dubious success. He had some false starts with record labels and even after his label situation became stable and seemed promising he still hadn’t landed that big hit. Not until recently did he finally get that platinum single with his song “Post To Be”, 10 years after his initial success ended. He is the embodiment of patience and perseverance.

I get frustrated at times because I feel defeated but I have to remember to not compare my journey to others around me and stay focused on my path. Being a young adult I think there’s pressure from all angles to quickly find your footing and be “successful”. If you’re like me and some of my friends my best advice right now that I’m also trying to adhere to is to keep working and honing your skills. Success will find you. The right doors will open up. Trust the timing of your life. If you’re a free and wild spirit like me, stay free and wild. Don’t get discouraged. Throw on your Moschino graffiti print top and Aldo holographic sneakers and hop on your chrome BMX bike aptly named Crystal. There’s a lot of open road to ride on. Our journeys are just getting started. Tell me about yours below <3




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