Finding My Chill with Muji

I have no chill. As in, I have a really hard time finding my inner calmness, relaxing, and just chilling out. My inability to find peace and recharge is one of my biggest self care struggles.

Back in April I was approached by Muji Canada to come visit their head office for their first open house. At the time I didn’t know too much about the brand beyond having been in the store before and seen their selection of lifestyle and home goods. I knew them to be a favorite among YouTube beauty gurus for their acrylic storage cases often used to organize makeup but I didn’t know about their philosophy and what makes them different.

After hearing from the president himself, I learned that their products are designed to be functional with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Their ideal life is a “simple pleasant life“, a concept at the heart of their vision.


Thinking about that philosophy made me think about how my life is so fast-paced and high-stress and how in recent times, I’ve forgotten all about self care and relaxation. I’ve known for a long time how bad stress is for health and according to this inforgraphic posted by The American Institute of Stress, if I don’t change my ways soon, I’m going to be in some trouble.

That’s where Muji came in. You see that thing I’m sitting on in the pictures? It’s not a bean bag chair. It’s called a beads sofa. The tiny little granules inside it make it so much comfier than a typical bean bag chair. And the outer case, soft and stretchy on some sides and a bit firmer on others, make it malleable to all the different ways you can recline on it. Apparently, in Japan, it is known as “the chair that ruins you” because once you sit down, you won’t want to get up again. This new, fun addition to my home is all about relaxation.

Paired with the Muji to Relax App, this sofa is great option for getting rest. All you have you do is place your finger on the light of your camera and their technology takes you pulse and chooses meditative music for you depending on your heart rate and the time of day. That is literally the coolest thing to me!

Last year when I was going though a really stressful time, I would turn on Songza (RIP) and practice mindful meditation to a soothing playlist. Just 20 minutes of this really made a difference for me so thanks to Muji, I’d like to start doing more of that in the future.

Starting May 13th, Muji is going to be launching some new cover colors as well as offering 15% off beads sofas and covers so if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, keep that date in mind. (My cover is gray beige.) Click here to learn more about Muji and here to read up on the beads sofa and their relaxation mission.

What are some of your favorite self care rituals? Maybe I can learn some new techniques from you guys 🙂



*Thank you to Muji Canada for generously giving me a free beads sofa for my home*

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