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A few days ago I submitted my photos to be featured on one of my favorite fashion web sites, Fashion Bomb Daily. Less than two hours later the owner, Claire Sulmers, emailed me back to let me know she had chosen me to be that day’s “Bombshell of the Day“. Imagine my total excitement of seeing my photos on a site I really admire with a very kind write up by the owner herself.

But alas, even the sweetest moments can sometimes be tempered with a little tartness. Along with all the positive sentiments from her readers regarding my style also came a few insults too. Everything from skinny-shaming to personal jabs and of course your average “OMG, she can’t dress!” rant. The Shade!?!? 

Don’t come for me, bish. I’m not gonna get into all my opinions on that but I will say that as I’m sure it is with a lot of people, I can have 100 supports but it’s those few negative naysayers who initially claim my mental real estate.

But honestly, IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM! It never has been and it never will be. I’m not a missionary, I’m not here to convert people who from the start aren’t feeling me. I do what I do to find my tribe. To connect with those like-minded, out-of-the-box individuals around the world who like what I’m doing and what I stand for.  I may run into a few “haters” (ewww, such a cliché term LOL), but I’m not gonna let them stop me and you shouldn’t either. Besides, 99% of the rude sh-t people say online would never escape their lips if you or I were standing in front of them.

In the profound words of Destiny’s Child:

“There’s plenty of people that don’t like me. But there’s ten times more that love me. And I love myself.”

I chose these photos by Taha Muharuma to accompany this blog post because their aesthetic is as real and raw as my words to you now. Shot in one hour, the photos weren’t retouched at all, only mildly color corrected. ~WYSIWYG~. Check out these links here and here for additional shots and his write up on our brief but memorable time together on West Queen West.




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