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Do you guys remember when I said I wanted to open up more? Well I meant it and what I have for you now is a side of me that I’ve never before been so open about…until now.

Back in the beginning of October 2015, when this blog was just making its debut, I was approached via email by a woman named Tania Taiwo from Los Angeles, California. She explained that she had launched a social project called Ugly Ducking Diaries which she described as “the stories of everyday women and their triumphant journeys from awkward to awesome“.

The goal was to share stories of challenges and success to foster empowerment and confidence in women. She shared with me the statistic that “by age 13, 50% of girls are unhappy with their appearance. By 17, that number increases to 8 in 10. She wrote about how UDD was a tool to inspire and encourage women and young girls who struggle with self-image issues and low self-esteem.

I checked out her web site and instantly I was interested. Over the next few months we spoke over the phone and exchanged many emails getting everything just right. Her energy is always so warm and kind so even when I was busy, I made it a priority to keep working on this with her. While I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of, I didn’t know how honest I would be willing to get. Honestly is vulnerability and I didn’t know how much of myself I was truly willing to bare.

So I told her my story. Confided in a stranger things that even people who have known me my whole life don’t know. When I read the first draft that Tania put together my initial reaction was to freak out. “OMG, what am I doing? Am I really putting that out into the public?” I wanted to scale back, it was a little too much truth. It made me tear up. I was scared. But after thinking it over more I silenced that inner voice of self-doubt. I remembered that my honestly and ability to be forthcoming is what’s going to help other girls that are where I was and that that is more important than my initial fear.

Now that it’s done I’m so proud of what we put together and proud to be apart of this amazing project Tania has built. I’m sad that it’s over and hope Tania and I cross paths again. This is truly one of my most favorite collabs because it touches on topics very dear to my heart so I hope you will take the time to read it. CLICK HERE to read about my journey from ugly duckling to swan and please be sure to let me know your thoughts.



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