Embracing Failure and Leaving a Legacy with GXXRLS TOUR II

It’s so easy to see people we admire or respect, see their work, and associate them only with success. But even our heroes have failed a time or two in their life. For me, success isn’t the absence of failure, success is often about overcoming failure.

You can feel like you wanna quit but don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to learn. Don’t be afraid to tear it all apart and start from scratch. And embrace it because then there’s things you learn along the way.

Where my Gxxrls At?

Do you guys remember this shoot? Well what I didn’t mention about it when I did the post is that it would later also be part of a collaboration with a the girlbosses at Gxxrls Creative Agency (visit their site here). Co-founded by a former Ryerson University classmate of mine (Hey, Yaz!), Gxxrls has been a safe space for its group of young, entrepreneurial women working to elevate themselves in their chosen fields of graphic design, photography, DJing, and more. Flare Magazine describes the agency as the place “you wished you worked at”, “[bringing] together branding, web design, and event production to support women in creative industries”.

In addition to uplifting themselves, they also shine a light on other hustling women with their series Gxxrls Tour. The first round included Love Mirian favorite Mary Young, along with photographer Nathalia Allens, and DJ Kelsey Williams.

A New Generation

For the second installment of Gxxrls Tour they reached out to writer Tania Peralta, dancer Kaela Faloon, and myself. A fan of the agency, I was instantly excited to be a part of this project. After a few months of anticipation, I’m happy to announce content for this collaboration has started to pour out and I’m ecstatic to share. The first of the three individual interviews to be released, I would love for you to check out mine below:

Life is really short and if you think about the universe in the grand scheme we’re only here for a blink and there’s some people that live, and they die, and people never knew they were here. I wanna have a story to where, after I die, people still remember me.

Seeing this video really touched me. I’m usually not a big fan of myself on video but the girls did such a beautiful job putting it all together that I had to watch it a few times. It’s my pleasure to share this video and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Check out the preview video here to see more of what’s to come from Tania and Kaela. I’ll be sure to keep you posted as more content comes out and to keep up with Gxxrls in the meantime, be sure to follow them on Instagram.



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