Being the Artist, Muse, & Canvas as a Means of Self Care

On Monday I conceptualized the idea and did the prop styling. On Tuesday I executed the idea, including the hair, makeup, and photography. On Wednesday I did the post production to bring the most out of the images that I could. Today I am publishing it. Sharing this departure from my normal style as my 100th post. An exploration of myself as the artist, the muse, and the canvas as a way to heal.

Creator, Inspiration, Medium, & Medicine

Last week was a hard week for me. I was feeling very depressed, stressed, and emotionally drained. Self care was non-existent. I sunk comfortably into a lull of sadness and deeper into the cushions of my couch. I was trying not to put too much pressure on myself for all the ideas I wanted to bring to fruition but I felt like a plate-spinner whose porcelain was crashing.

Then, four days ago the sun came out. It seemed that maybe spring might actually be here for good. I mentioned here how I felt hopeful. Before then I hadn’t felt hopeful for a while.

This newfound hope inspired an idea in me. What if I could express that hope in a visual way? What does rebirth look like? I wanted something that felt like how spring is a rebirth of nature. Something that was soft and feminine. I wanted something that embraced the natural texture of my hair and celebrated my unique skin. An homage to self love.

This project helped me get out of my sadness. In a way it was like practicing self care because of how cathartic it felt. I kind of worried about how it might be received being so different from what I normally do, so rather than overthinking it, I’m just releasing it.

How are you healing yourself, renewing yourself, and bringing yourself back to equilibrium?




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