Why I Became A Blogger and What We Can All Learn From Millennial Artists

There are many reasons bloggers decide to start chronically their lives in the digital sphere. While I’ve stopped and started multiples times, I’ve been running this particular blog for over a year and a half. I look up to the OGs of the blogosphere like Feral Creature who has been blogging for 10 years now. She recently published a post about being at a crossroads in her journey and it made me stop and think about my own path.

My Blog is my Resume

I didn’t become a blogger because I wanted to be a blogger per se. Blogging for me has always been a transitional learning experience. I started my blog because I wanted to combine my love of writing, fashion, photography, and modeling.

Prior to my blog I didn’t have a space to showcase these interests but I know the type of career I want involves some of these talents and I wanted to prove I had skills in them. LoveMirian became my platform, my portfolio. Whether it was going to be something in PR, digital marketing, content creation, social media, or something else, I wanted a space to show what I could do and what I could build on my own.

The Next Generation of Movers and Shakers

In her post, Feral Creature touches on a a few of her blogger peers who have put in the years and used their large platforms to transition into fashion design or turning their blogs into full online publications. On a local level I’ve witnessed young artists transition from blogging to running a creative agency or working in various roles in media.

The economy and job market are moving at a break-neck speed right now and no one knows that more than millennial artists. With technology and social media, we’re moving at a pace that no one can predict. When I consider who I think is doing it best, I see they are riding the waves of change rather than swimming against the current.

So instead of making 5 year plans, make 5 month plans. Be malleable and realize the only way to keep up is to keep learning. Recognize that job security is a myth and use it as a motivator. Remain open to new opportunities, even if it means taking risks. And stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.



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  • J Renée says:

    Wise words! And again, those pants! I love a good flare! I, too, have blogged off and on for years and I started just for fun as something I enjoy. Never took it seriously until I realized how I could be using my blog to move forward in my goals. Now I’m slowly gaining momentum again. Great advice to be maleable, open and move with the changes. I’ve watched bloggers really glow up over the years. It’s really an amazing thing to have this Internet platform to be able to share who we are with the world.

    • lovemirian says:

      Glad you like the pants! I’m considering trying them in red too. And glad to hear you’re getting back into blogging too. It’s definitely a commitment to keep and maintain momentum. Bloggers are definitely glowing up these days. Let’s be a part of that 🙂

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