The Art of Dressing Tomboy Chic

As I get older and my style continues to evolve, there’s one look I never really tire of. Tomboy chic is a mix of boxy and fitted, an elevated boyish look that still has feminine touches. Keep reading to see some of my tips for trying out this style.

The Yin and Yang of Tomboy Chic

I like boyish styles but I’m not a complete tomboy. I like feminine touches and I still like to feel pretty, even if I’m in an XL hoodie. Here’s some tips for how I create my looks.

1. Shop in the men’s department. If you’re not doing this already, what are you waiting for? They often have the better, larger selection of streetwear items. While bottoms might not be the best fit, jackets and other tops can definitely translate to a woman’s wardrobe. The jacket I’m wearing in this post? It’s from the men’s section!

2. Mix silhouettes.  If you’re going to wear an oversized jacket like in this post, throw it over something more fitted so you’re not getting lost in all that fabric. Something fun like a sports bra gives it an athleisure look. A bodycon mini dress would also be nice under an oversized jacket like this. Then you could pair that look with some sneakers as well to have a good balance.

3. Take inspiration from the greats. There’s so many cool girls from the past and present that rock this look and provide endless inspiration. From Aaliyah to TLC, there are so many icons in music from the 90s and 00s that I think helped define this style. Then there’s more modern girls like stylist and model Aleali May and jewelry designer/beauty entrepreneur Kirsten Noel Crawley that completely dominate this style today. Study their styles to take a page out of their books.

I hope you have a better grasp on how I create my tomboy chic looks and that you’re inspired to try it out or keep experimenting with this style. Photography for this post is by Patrick Leung. To see more of his work, please visit him on Instagram here.



Jacket by Stussy
Top by La Senza
Jeans by Zara
Sneakers by Nike


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