A Day in the Life of a Unicorn

In that moment, I could either remain silent and feel uncomfortable about myself and what was to come next or I could choose to be a unicorn. I chose to be a unicorn.


While at a packed comedy show last night with family and friends all around one of the comedians on stage started a joke with the line: “You ever notice how you never see albinos after high school?”

I instantly flinched. Without thinking, I stood up tall in the full house, raised my hand, and called out “I’m right here!” as I smiled and all eyes turned to me.

I’m not sure what possessed me to do that but all I knew was I wasn’t about to wait for the punchline, be the butt of his joke, and feel invisible. I’ve spent a lot of time being uncomfortable about my skin and within that moment, I just didn’t want to. “Don’t play me!” I said laughing and joking with him as people began to clap.

After I sat down he said a few more lines, then turned back to me and said “She is a unicorn! Everybody make a wish and give her a round of applause. Someone give her a kiss.” I stood up again and playfully took a bow as the room grew loud with cheers. I sat back down and my guy leaned in and gave me that kiss.

At the end of the night that comedian and I saw each other again, exchanged a few words, and hugged.

Moral of the story: Even when you’re the only one like you in the room, share your voice and people will respect you for it  <3



Dress by Milly

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