3 Things I’ve Learned While Working For Myself

Hey guys! It’s been about five months since I went back into freelance work and my learning curve has been extensive. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I used to work as a freelance stylist for about two years so this isn’t my first rodeo but returning back to this unpredictable type of work as a blogger/model/etc has brought with it a new slew of lessons and I wanted to take some time to share them as I settle more into this position. Keep reading for my #girlboss takeaways.

1. Trust Your Gut

When you work for yourself, ultimately you are the only person you have to answer to. That’s why it’s so important to follow your instincts. If you’ve decided to dive into the treacherous waters of freelance life my hope is that you already have a solid set of instincts that have served you well in your life prior so my best advice is to hold tight to that interval compass. I’m a super organized person. I like to know every single detail of a project. It helps make me feel less anxious. But I know this trait can come off strong to some people so sometimes I try to be more go-with-the-flow, against my better judgement. The last two times in recent history that I did that, the results were disastrous. You are how you are for a reason. Trust yourself and navigate your own course.

2. Get Support, But Work Like You’re Alone

I’ve been hearing everyone who’s given advice around me harp on the importance of having a team for years and it’s because it’s true. No one can be good at everything. No one can do every job like a pro. I don’t have a huge team. Mostly it’s just been my shooting partner who helps my do the photographs for this blog. Recently I’ve been able to add an agent to that equation. But I’ve realized that just because you start getting support doesn’t mean you can ease up. No one will hustle for you like you will hustle for yourself. Find support to help you go further, but ultimately your trajectory will be based on how hard you’re willing to work.

3. Know When To Give Up

I know it seems counter-intuitive that my last bit of advice about working for yourself would involve quitting but honestly knowing when to throw in the towel is a special art form that will really change your life. The thing is though, giving up or quitting something doesn’t mean stopping everything. It just means having the self-awareness to recognize when something isn’t working and deciding to go in a new direction.  I’ve done this tons of times and it’s always brought me closer to what will eventually be my success. Most people fail at stuff, but the key I think is learning how to be elastic. If you keep pushing a dead concept you’ll burn yourself out, but if you learn to know when to reroute yourself, you’re preserving you energy for the next opportunity.

February has been a challenging month for me but with that comes partially newfound, partially reaffirmed, better understanding of myself. I hope this helps you on your own journey.



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